Saudi Arabia Closes All Access || Floods & Storms Rage In Mecca, Jeddah & Medina. HVOR er norsk media??

Sett 385 565 ganger 23. aug. 2023Saudi Arabia Closes All Access || Floods & Storms Rage In Mecca, Jeddah & Medina Saudi Arabia suffered severe thunderstorms and strong easterly winds on Tuesday, August 22, causing widespread damage across the country….. The cities of Makkah and Jeddah, as well as several other areas, bore the brunt of stormy weather…… Dramatic videos of the massive storm have been shared on social media platforms, showing winds so strong that they could knock down heavy plastic fences….. The movement of Umrah pilgrims, who are present in the Great Mosque of Mecca, is also threatened by similar gusts of wind….. Videos showed the severity of the storm, documenting the collapse of power poles amid torrential rains and a storm on Asfan Road, northeast of Jeddah…… In some video clips, electricity poles are seen on the road, showing images of unstable weather…… Earlier reports suggested that Jeddah was covered in a dust storm as dense clouds of dust filled the sky….. Unusual storm in Makkah, Saudi Arabia A heavy rain in Saudi Arabia knocked over a giant billboard a few feet away from a car….. On Tuesday morning (August 22), Saudi Arabia's National Meteorological Center issued a warning detailing the country's current weather conditions for the next 24 hours…… Weather experts have predicted thunderstorms as well as strong winds for areas such as Medina, Mecca, Asir, Jazan and Al Baha…..

SCARY Weather Moments Ever Caught on Camera | People VS Nature

Sett 3 227 176 ganger 23. juli 2023In this unbelievable recent footage, we witness people facing the unforgiving forces of nature. From landslides and floods to tornadoes and lightning strikes, watch as they encounter these epic challenges. Which fail is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! Welcome to Natural Disasters Today! Get ready to be amazed by unbelievable moments of natural disasters caught on camera. From jaw-dropping cyclones to awe-inspiring floods and earthquakes, we bring you captivating footage of nature's power. Join us to witness the wonders of our planet and stay informed about staying safe during these events. Let's explore the extraordinary together! If you have any issues with the videos, you can contact us at Music:

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