High Waves From Multiple Tropical Systems Hit Long Wharf, Nassau Bahamas…03.09 2023

Sett 437 ganger 3. sep. 2023 NASSAUTo help support our freelancers, buy them coffee. https://www.buymeacoffee.com/stormcha… With multiple tropical storm systems in the Atlantic, the sea has been whipped up into a frenzy. As the latest tropical systems have passed by The Bahamas's, unlucky motorist had their cars get washed away in storm surge off the road and into the sea and boats broke away from their anchors due to the rough seas and high waves in in Nassau Harbor. Shot Description 00:00 – Several vehicles washed into the deep sand that needed to be recovered. 00:20 – A boat that crashed up against the shore line in the rough seas. 00:47 – Waves crashing up into the air in the harbor and along the breaker and harbor scenes. SID: Keith Gomez #hurricane#hurricanedamage#weather#TheBahamas#Nassau To License This Footage For Broadcast, Contact Video @ StormChasingVideo.com Our Team Merch Store – https://stormchasingvideo.creator-spr…

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