Targeted Individuals & Havana Syndrome by Pulsed Radio Frequency. Strømmet direkte 1. mars 2022SUPPORT & CONNECT WITH CLIMATEVIEWER: Directed Energy Attacks, Havana Syndrome, and Targeted Individuals    • Directed Energy Attacks, Havana Syndr...   People Cookers - Havana Syndrome Spreading 'Pulsed electromagnetic energy' the most likely cause[Les mer...]

C19 uvaksinert slått magnetisk fra shedding – korrelasjon med Darkfield mikroskopi levende blodanalyseC19 Unvaccinated Turned Magnetic From Shedding – Correlation With Darkfield Microscopy Live Blood Analysis

ANA MARIA MIHALCEA, DOKTORGRADANA MARIA MIHALCEA, MD, PHD12. MARS 2024 12. MARS 2024152152 81813030 DelShare Bilde: C19 uvaksinert blod med mange byggeplasser og koagulasjonsdannelse settImage: C19 unvaccinated blood with many construction sites and clot[Les mer...]

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