1 Hour Ago: Elon Musk – ‘WW3 Has Never Been Closer…’

Hadde premiere for 70 minutter siden #elonmusk#news#anonymous1 Hour Ago: Elon Musk – ‘WW3 Has Never Been Closer…' JOIN US: https://anon.news In this riveting interview, tech mogul and CEO Elon Musk delivers a chilling assessment of the global geopolitical landscape, declaring that World War III is closer than ever before. Musk, known for his visionary perspectives, shares his insights on the factors contributing to this alarming possibility and discusses potential scenarios that could unfold in the near future. Interview with Elon Musk Discussed in this video: Elon Musk on WW3 Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence Elon Musk on AI Elon Musk Warning #elonmusk#news#anonymous


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